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Father Keeps Daughter as Sow in Pigsty in China

by Last Exile » Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:54 pm

The tragic case of a father who decided to lock his mentally ill daughter in a pigsty for four years rather than care for her, not even bothering to clothe her, has shocked many in China.

The woman, now 32, was born in a rural area of China’s Hunan province, and had a normal upbringing, being esteemed from an early age for her intelligence and good looks. She was the pride of her parents.

She completed schooling and enrolled at a vocational college. There, her fine looks soon attracted an admirer in the form of a teacher, and the two had a happy relationship. However, her parents were dead against it, and forced her to quit the school, after which she returned home heartbroken.

Rather than remain there unhappily, she took the advice of a friend and went to work in Guandong, the kind of migration undertaken by countless millions of rural Chinese.

Once again, her fair countenance ensured she quickly found a suitor, but for reasons that are lost their romance went sour and they broke up. When her friend next met her, she merely mumbled incoherently to herself, having lost her mind.

She was once again returned to her parents, and doctors diagnosed her with a mental illness. Her parents apparently strove to have her treated, but to no avail.

Her condition deteriorated and her mother was forced to nurse her, but her early death some four years ago left her in the care of only her father, who supposedly could not effectively care for her. He decided to lock her up in the pigsty in his back garden instead.

Rescuers would eventually find the once beautiful maiden as pictured, a living skeleton living naked in the filthy confines of the pigsty, behind a door which was chained shut and windows which were boarded over, a victim of utter neglect.

This is of course far from the first such incident to cause a stir in China of late, with disturbing tales of children being kept naked amidst filth and slaves being sold as wives and kept as animals leaving observers to wonder just what goes through the minds of the people responsible…
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