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Sanity finally prevails in the Spice & Wolf cover saga

by Last Exile » Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:41 am

he North American manga and novel publisher Yen Press has announced that its second volume of Isuna Hasekura's Spice and Wolf light novel series will ship with the original Japanese illustration on its cover in June. Wrapped around the cover will be a dust jacket with a different, photographic illustration "to satisfy the requests of our retail partners who have asked that the books be made more appealing to a wider purchasing public." According to Yen Press, it will continue using this approach to offer two different cover illustrations on each volume in the future.

The new approach for future light novel volumes is a reversal of the approach taken on the first volume. The first volume shipped with a photographic cover illustration aimed at the North American mass-market readers. Yen Press had planned to bundle a dust jacket with the original Japanese artwork exclusively with the December 2009 issue of Yen Plus magazine. However, after an outpouring of reader feedback, the publisher decided to also offer the dust jacket to online retailers, who would then sell the first novel volume with the jacket at no additional charge.

Sanity prevails and America gets owned. How sweet it is. NOT IN AMERICA! :lol:
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