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Sony Pulls Bare Anime Breasts from PlayStation Network

by GarryGod » Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:12 pm

Sony has pulled a TV episode from the PlayStation Network after offering it for free and then discovering that it contained naked women, breast bondage, and acid-spitting nipples.

The anime episode Queen's Blade: Season 1: Episode 1: High Spirits – The Vagrant Warrior was rated TV-MA according to the PlayStation Store, but that didn't stop the TV show from being deposited in the video store's "Free TV" section. Once the 322 MB file was downloaded, users could watch the show, which ends after the main character strips down naked, puts on a suit of armor and locks the main enemy in a bear hug so that the foe's nipples can't discharge the acid inside her breasts. The enemy's breasts expand like balloons, explode and kill her. The official PlayStation Store description that ran with the free episode referenced the enemy's demise: "Reina defeats Melona by stopping the acid that shoots from her breasts."

The show was free from Tuesday until sometime after 11 p.m. PST yesterday when IGN contacted Sony for comment. The company has not officially commented on Queen's Blade as of yet.

If no parental controls were set, the episode could be downloaded and watched without any money having to be in the PlayStation Store account and without any kind of password having to be entered. If parental controls were set appropriately, the show could be downloaded but was then password-protected on the PS3 or PSP.

According to the FCC, TV-MA is "(Mature Audience Only -- This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17.) This program contains one or more of the following: graphic violence (V), explicit sexual activity (S), or crude indecent language (L)."

The PlayStation Store's Free TV section contains five other TV-MA episodes, but these are simply previews/behind the scenes featurettes on True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, South Park and Rescue Me. None appear to contain nudity and/or cursing.

IGN reader Daniel P. tipped us off to Queen's Blade's content in yesterday's episode of Podcast Beyond. At the time IGN downloaded the free Queen's Blade episode, 217 viewers had given the free show 4.62 out of five stars. While episode one has been deleted entirely from the store, three other Queen's Blade episodes are available for $1.99 each. Each of the episodes' 30-second previews contain no nudity.

The move to wipe Queen's Blade: Season 1: Episode 1: High Spirits – The Vagrant Warrior from the PlayStation Store seemed to have been a last second decision. PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen's weekly post on the PlayStation Blog this morning talked about the free episode as one of the "deals" of the week.

ahh sony i know when i make the right choice by saying "i love my ps3 as well as queens blade :D"
Imagethanks GAINAX your writers never stop surprising me...
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Re: Sony Pulls Bare Anime Breasts from PlayStation Network

by Dhumahn » Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:19 pm

:lol: That just made my day.....an epic win and epic fail at the same time... :)
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Re: Sony Pulls Bare Anime Breasts from PlayStation Network

by Last Exile » Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:19 pm

:twisted: Ah....as if they didn't do their....'resaerch.' :lol:
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