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ISML 2009 Double Elimination - Championship Match - AMV V3

by ARTA8SIMS » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:25 pm

ISML 2009 Double Elimination - Championship Match - AMV Version 2, created by myself. Sorry about the quality, this is my 1st AMV and I kinda rushing it a bit. I got the idea today at lunch time AEST 1:00pm and by the time I got all the clips I needed is AEST 5:00pm then I spent 3hrs putting it together. Well, hope you'll like it. Please make some suggestions, comments, complaints anything that can help me improve next time. ;)

PS: This is now Release #3, 720P release, fixed some timing issues, increase images quality, improved background, increased music fading out time and added + removed some clips.


Enjoy :)
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