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Forum Guidelines (2nd October 2006)

by Ryan White » Mon Sep 25, 2006 2:19 am

AJAS Forum Guidelines

The points within this thread outline the expected behavior of the members of this board. Any member in violation of these guidelines will be warned via in-thread and/or private message. A member may find themselves subsequently banned from these forums should their behavior not improve after multiple warnings from the moderators.

These guidelines are susceptible to sudden change if deemed appropiate by the forum administrators and moderators.

  1. Moderators

    Moderators of this board are identified by their Username being in the boards description.

    The people that moderate this forum, do so with their own discretion on behalf of the the forum administrator and the AJAS Executive. Their decisions are based on these guidelines but may include other issues or points not detailed here.

    Some of these guidelines are obviously not as serious as others and therefore members will enjoy the leniency of the moderating in these areas.

  2. Avatar & Signatures

    1. Avatar size must be no more then 100x100 pixels. Excessive file sizes are not permitted.

    2. Images used in signatures have a 700 pixel length limit and must not exceed 125 lines pixels in height including any text.
      Maximum signature image size is approximately 200KB.

    3. Excessive animation may result in the avatar/signature in question to be removed or requested to be altered.

  3. Posting

    The following are discouraged:

    1. Double posting.

    2. Duplicate posts in seperate forums, also known as cross-posting.

    3. Excess posting without reasonable cause.

    4. Excessive off topic posting.

    5. Illegible language/grammar, please proofread your posts (This includes "leet", although it may be used in quotes).

    6. Inappropiate links/material (this includes pictures where the content is deemed illegal by law).

    7. Discussion relating to the obtaining of non-legitimate material.

    8. Large image posting (except where appropriate).

    9. Spam.

    10. Commercial advertising without consulting the AJAS Executive.

    Thread resurrection is permitted provided you are contributing to the thread in a meaningful matter that will promote discussion.

  4. Behavior

    The following are considered unacceptable behavior:

    1. Impersonation of users and/or those affiliated with AJAS, including staff and sponsors.

    2. Indecent or offensive language.

    3. Indecent or offensive images/links (including stuff of a sexual nature, scantly-clothed/nude minors and most things from 2chan, 4chan, not4chan and Sankoku Complex).

    4. Offending/hassling other board members.

  5. Profiles

    Must not contain material relating to spam (gambling,porn,scams,etc) any existing user found to be in breach will be warned. Due to the influx of new users with questionable profile content new users will face immediate deletion for breaches.

  6. Forum Dispute Resolution

    Should you encounter a problem while using these forums, please take the following actions.

    1. Inform a moderator/admin of the situation via a private message.

    2. Give sufficient details and supply evidence such as a link to the post(s) in question.

    3. Accept and follow the moderator's instructions.

    4. Should the dispute involve a moderator or their decisions, please contact a forum administrator.

    5. You may choose to take up the dispute with the AJAS Executive, but only if you have fully completed the previous steps.
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