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[CES] Remote-control Spy Tank has Ears and Eyes

by asurin » Mon Jan 14, 2008 1:11 pm


Ever wonder what your boss talks about in the privacy of his office? Or maybe you just need daily recon reports from your dorm hallway. Whatever the mission, the SpyVideo ATV-360 is your new best friend.

This remote-controlled vehicle wirelessly transmits audio and video to a private headset and earbud from 75 feet away (no word on whether you can display all the action on your plasma, but i'm sure a hack will soon be in the works). With its rubber tank tracks, it can negotiate the slop and clutter, and pull off full-circle, 360-degree spins on a dime. Look out for this recon machine this fall, at $125.00.

I want one. :ph34r:
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