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Stripper rapes man with strap on and gets away with it

by Last Exile » Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:00 am

A stripper who donned a strap-on at a party and then sodomised a man against his will, injuring him in the process, has been declared not guilty, with the court ruling that the anal violation was “accidental.”

The stripper was part of the entertainment at an Australian stag night held in 2007, but the events of that night would only conclude with the verdict delivered at a recent trial.

During her act both he and she ended up unclothed, and she directed him onto all fours, donning a strap-on dildo.

She promised him she would not penetrate him: “Not a problem, relax, it’s only fun, I won’t go there.” She did anyway.

“I was pretty upset at that stage,” says her male victim, “I could feel something was there.”

The stripper allegedly attempted to mollify him: “Don’t worry, only you and I know.”

“She said it was just a joke, just a joke. I knew that there was something wrong down there.” A trip to the toilet did indeed reveal rectal bleeding, though he apparently escaped severe injury.

He demanded she leave, and return his money, but she merely threatened him with security. A scuffle ensued, and he would later press charges against her, alleging the anal violation constituted rape.

Her defence claimed the rape was “accidental”: “This is the case of the accidental rape, if there was one.” The jury apparently believed them, returning a verdict of not guilty after 90 minutes of deliberation.

The stripper wept for joy upon learning she had got wawy with it; her anonymous victim was not present.

It is not hard to imagine what the verdict would have been had the roles been reversed…

I hope hell exists so the hündin that did this goes there.
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