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Fruits Basket end...finally

by Last Exile » Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:10 am

http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/20 ... -final-vol

Another long running title finally reaches its end.

However, I expect Tokyopop to do to this series what they did to the last 5-6 volumes of Kare Kano. Gradually widen the release date between volumes. I wouldn't be surprised if it took them 3 years to release 16-23.
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by Psike81 » Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:01 am

I bait you to spoil all endings !!
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Fruits Basket chapters 132-136 (spoilers)

by Mappy » Thu Mar 22, 2007 5:05 am

Psike81 wrote:I bait you to spoil all endings !!

Mwahaahaa! 8)

Fruits Basket manga chapters 132-136 (spoilers)
Source: [email protected]
From differing authors.

(On the cover is Shigure and Akito embracing each other with their
(?) eyes closed.)

"He always seemed to not mind being alone. That kind of irritated
me so I wanted to make him notice me."
Akito sits in the room alone and opens the present Shigure gave
her. She finds a woman's kimono in it.

One by one the juunishi members gather at the Souma Household but
Shigure hasn't appeared. Kyou is walking down the hallway when he
sees Kagura. They're at odds when she decides to glomp on him as a
joke. Momiji takes a picture and claims Kyou is cheating. With
Kyou denying it, he and Kagura go on with the teasing. Kyou stares
at Momiji as if he wants to say something and Momiji turns to show
him a smile.

On the other hand, Yuki is nervous about everyone's reaction after
being released from the curse. However, Hatsuharu says everything
will be all right and that he "loves" him. Rin glares at him. Just
then Ayame makes his usual big appearance and Ritsu
exclaims, "Wonderful!"

As everyone excitedly chats, Akito shows up. Everyone freezes from
seeing her dressed in a woman's kimono. She asks Hatori where
Shigure is and he tells her he doesn't know. Then Ritsu asks if
Akito has gotten into cross-dressing like her seriously and Akito
answers "no" angrily. She begins to explain everyone about this as
the scene flashes back to Shigure and her.

Shigure gives her a present as a celebration of departure and Akito
shouts that she knew he was abandoning her. He tells her he's said
nothing about leaving her and that the gift is for saying goodbye to
her old self her father had dreamt of. He's happy to welcome her
new self and is looking forward to how her life would be in the

Wearing that kimono Akito tells everyone that she has decided to go
back to being her true self like everyone else. She tries to say
something, but she's unable to utter the word.

Back to the scene with Shigure again, he tells Akito how she'd repay
everyone and she tells him to be quiet. She confesses she had
always been afraid of him because he'd never try to get close to
her. Shigure says he felt ready to explode if he doesn't maintain
the irresolute and reserved behavior. He claims he's cunning,
immature, afraid of getting hurt and possessive. As he approaches
Akito claiming he doesn't want anyone to touch her, she avoids him
in surprise. Shigure warns that this is her only chance to reject
him, but tells her she should know what would happen if she goes
back to him. With a smile Shigure walks away.

Akito in her kimono stares at Shigure sitting alone on the veranda.
She remembers of him asking if it's her feminine side that gives him
the desire to suck her flesh and bone until she could breathe no
more. Akito plops herself down next to Shigure and tells him
everyone was shocked at her appearance. Although she tried to
apologize to them, she felt as if she was saying it's the end.
Instead she told everyone that she intends to stay in the house
because she feels there's still something left for her to do as the
head of the Souma Household. Akito claims Ren is the last person
she needs to speak to. When Shigure asks her that she expects him
to spend that kind of life with her, Akito wonders if he's upset.
He admits he is a little bit because he's long waited so long for
her to come. Commenting how beautiful she looks in her kimono,
Shigure reaches to her face with a smile. Akito says she loves him
as they kiss.

It starts with some girls calling Kyo, one of them asks him if he's
waiting for his girlfriend while the other is shocked and starts to
ask what girlfriend, the other girls answers his girlfriend is her
classmate Honda Tooru.

Then we see again Mayuko sensei who is commenting about Tooru doing
her exams now because she was hospitalized.

There is a little flashback with some classmates that were looking at
Tooru and Kyo and commenting that since the day she came back from
hospital they are sticking together also more than before..and ask why...
Tooru is blushing while Kyo just looks normally..and the others start
to joke about (in a light way) them.

Back to Mayuko, the exam is finished, then Mayuko asks Tooru if
something happened at Souma house because the day before he seemed
really relaxed.

But then Tooru looks at her with a curious face so Mayu gets
embarassed and leaves.

Another flashback starts, she thinks "what's happened? a lot of things
happened, the most important one is that now everyone knows that Akito
is a girl.."

In the flashback we see Yuki, Kyo and Tooru sitting on the table, Yuki
says he it was really a surprise, and Kyo too comments on it...

Tooru asks if they were shocked, Yuki says he was really shocked, but
he can't explain well what he felt because too many things happened.
and Kyo continues saying that even if he didn't know, and thought she
did a lot of harsh things for a woman in a way he felt relieved,
because he would have had hard time if other men would start
to like Tooru.

Yuki laughs and Tooru thinks that she doesn't know what happened but,
that also Kyo and Yuki started to treat each other in a different way,
they were nice with each other..and she would like to ask Kyo but
while she is just about to, he tells her Yuki made a hole in his head
and took the bigger screw to open it....he is a very bad boy so she
shouldn't talk to Yuki anymore..

Ahem..tooru is almost believing it (......no comment) and then he of
course says he is joking.

We go back to the present, Tooru thinks that Kyo smiles a lot more
now, she is walking on the corridor now and sees him sitting waiting
for her.

She goes to him happily and he asks her if she's a dog (she is
behaving like a dog) he tells her he played basket with the other
clammates up to now.

And they talk about (I think) club activities then Kyo takes her hand
and tells her that this summer they are going to spend a lot of time

Tooru of course agrees but says also that the first time Uo and Hana
too want to come along and he says that it's fine ...since they
behaves as if they are her father and mother.

She thinks it's a miracle...that she is able to walk near Kyo in this
way now..that they are walking together.

Then we see Kyo and Tooru visiting Kazuma who talks like.. someone who
is going to die he says "I have no regrets, whenever my time will
come now I don't have any objection"

Of course scaring to death both Kunimitsu and Tooru, he was just

And kyo says please, to not talk as if this was the end, this is a new
beginning..and then Kunimitsu tells Kazuma that if they get married
and have a child he will have a nephew...

(he is like..using this to convince Kazuma to stop talking as if he
was going to die)

So kazuma smiles and then says he is looking forward from now on...
Everyone smiles, but then Rin comes calling them all stupid, they all
experienced the same pain...a lot of things happened..how can they
make it appear as if nothing happened?

Both Kyo and Tooru were badly hurt, how can they act as if it was
nothing? If she should choose between forgiving HER (akito) or not she
would choose to not forgive her..

She asks herself if she is the bad one since she can't forgive
her...that what she did is deep inside her and can't disappear...
Tooru approaches her thinking that it's true, it's not like everything
can disappear magically, that in the hearts of all of them there is
still pain..

Tooru hugs her and tells her that she is happy....because Rin thoughts
about her, Rin is feeling Tooru's pain in her heart.

Ris says she doesn't want to disappoint Haru behaving like this..but
Tooru misunderstands and wants to call Haru resulting in Rin acting
a-la Rin and stopping her.

Tooru thinks that, the most important things for all of them now...is
time...they all need time.

Change of scene to Souma house.

We see Akito (finally dressing as a girl even if it's just for her
shirt) walking.

A voice calls says "Seems that today too you're going at Ren's place
even if I heard that the conversation with her is not going well..."

Then she says something about being too soon for the talk about
"leaving the house" (but I couldn't understand to who she was
referring) and how it's good to be young..when one can change the way
she is so easily...while she, who was born and lived all her life in
the souma house wouldn't be able to live anywhere else and that she
can't change the life she built in 60 years,...she is too old...

Akito answers her that, a sudden change is impossible but it's ok also
if it's little by little, if she just takes her hand...because this is
what happened to her too.

The old woman, looks at her in a sad way and then walks away.

Now it's Akito who thinks..looking at her sadly(I could understand it
because if it was Tooru she would have used the formal way to speak)
she thinks that at the present moment, seeing all of them with beaming
smiles on their face is just a far dream...but that she will try make
disappear all the bad feelings, it doesn't matter how many years or
decades she will need, she wants to put all her efforts in this.

And we see Shigure taking that had Akito offered to the old woman and
then confort her.

Back to Kazuma's house...now Kyo is thinking that the real trouble is
that there are also a lot of girls who like Tooru (ROTFL^O^)
She looks at him and smiles, he thinks "but then if you smile at me,
I'm happy"

The final banner says "It's not important to hurry....everybody little
by little...going on..."

The chapter opens with Kyo who is looking in Tooru's room at the
corner where she keeps all her "memories".

Then we go to the actual time, at the zoo, Uo, Hana, Kyo and Tooru are
deciding where to go but Kyo is not very happy to have the two girls
with them.

While it seems that they can't agree (even if it's only another way to
annoy Kyo) Tooru says that looks that there are some cats to pet right
near where they were, so they decide to go to pets those cats.
We see a cat approaching Kyo, looking at him and then leaving.

Now there is a flashback with Kyo's thoughts on it.

The flashback takes us back to the day when Kyo trashed his bracelet
on the floor.

He remembers how Tooru started to collect all the beads that were on
the ground, and he remembers that in a first moment he thought he
didn't care about it, he didn't want to keep the proof of his "being a
moster" but then in a part of his mind a thought started to form.
That if he didn't collect them all, one day he would regret it.

But even thinking this, he couldn't move, but then Tooru went to get
all the beads.

He didn't understand if she, doing so, wanted to show him she would
protect him now like in the future, or if maybe she did it because
those were effectively memories of a human being, but he understood
only one thing.

[To love] it doesn't mean to love only the thing that is in front of
our eyes, but it means also to embrace both past and future.

Change of scene.

Yuki is with Manabe and Komaki and they are talking about Yuki who is
planning to enroll in an unversity far from home and live alone.
They joke for a while then Komaki asks Yuki if Machi knows..Yuki says yes.

Then Manabe says something translated literally as "climb up the steps
of adulthood" but there has to be some erotic meaning inside the
sentence because Yuuri says that if Machi hears this she will punch

Then the couple asks Yuki what he is going to do for the apt, (in
japanese they want a guarantor when you rent and apt),Yuki says that
of course after this, he can't ask his family. They suggest Ayame but
Yuki is strongly against it and we see Ayame and Mine that are
travelling (they went on a trip I think) and being enthusiastic in
commenting on how that house they were in was perfect for Yuki but in
the end we see that the house they are talking about was a temple they
were visiting^^;

Then Yuki asks Manabe if the guy will attend to university, he says
yes, it wasn't in his plan but since he is going to be in charge of
Komaki's family he will go to uni.

Then after some other jokes Komaki asks the boys if they aren't
worried about maybe failing to enter the uni, they say "absolutely
not" and she think that if all the people who are trying to pass the
exams for university would hear them they would be really angry.

Back to the zoo.

Tooru goes to the toilet and when she leaves Hana asks Kyo - you're
taking her away aren't you?-

He says yes and she continues -I know this day would come...- she puts
her hands on her face and looks like she is crying..

Kyo feels bad for her and would like to apologize buit she says - I'll
forgive you if you call me "mommy"-

Uo-chan then says that Kyo doesn't have to think they hate him, they
don' t they actually think he is a good person even if a bit "stupid",
but Tooru is their most important friend and family ...they ask him to
take care of her.

When Tooru comes back the two already left and Kyo asks her to remain
out for another while because there is another place he would like to

Back to the others, Machi arrived with some meat that weas a present
from her family.

Yuki is happy to see her and Manabe jokes about how much it would be
better if they were alone then makes that comment od "climbing up the
steps of adulthood" and Machi punchs him.

Again with Kyo and Tooru, they are in front of Kyoko's grave.

Kyo tells the girl that up to now he lived his existence closing
himself to everything, he wants to start a life living as a human
between the humans.

He tells her that after graduation he is planning to leave and restart
again his life far from there.

He asks her to be with him...

The final banner says "- The new road you showed me I want to walk it
with you - At Kyo's propose(?!) Tooru...

Kyou tells Tohru that he intends to go to his master's friend's
dojo to work and train. He says that skill will come in hand if he
ever succeeds his master's dojo. Tohru claims she's going with
him and declares her mother doesn't hate him in front of her
grave. Kyou hugs her and promises to the grave that he'll protect
her for the rest of his life.

Immediately after the auto accident, Kyouko refused to accept that
she had to leave Tohru behind, but was forced to realize it was
inevitable. She blurts out to Katsuya that she now understands it
was hard for him to leave her as well and begs someone to protect
Tohru for her. From the ground, she sees Kyou with his eyes widened
from shock. She remembers little Kyou and becomes teary-eyed. She
asks him not to forget Tohru and support her if she ever feels
troubled. With her last ditch effort, she claims she won't forgive
him if he doesn't repay her. Unfortunately, Kyou misunderstood
this last word and ran away in shock. She reaches at fleeing Kyou
begging him to take care of Tohru for her and wishes her daughter
happiness as she took her last breath.

Kyouko feels the waves beating against her injured body and finds
Katsuya behind them. When she gets up, she realizes they both
appear the same way when they first met. Katsuya reaches for her
with a gentle smile and Kyouko returns a smile with tears running
down her face.
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by Last Exile » Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:55 am

Well I don't even read it. This post was also designed to trigger Mappy to post how it ends. ;) I will be amused to see how long Tokyopop stretch out the releases. They ended up taking 2 years just to do the last 6 volumes of Kare Kano after doing the first 15 once every 2 months.
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