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Osaka Considers Regulating Boys-Love Materials

by Last Exile » Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:34 pm

The Osaka Prefectural Government announced on March 25 that it was studying the current state of books and other materials that sexually objectifies youths younger than 18 years old. By studying and determining the true extent of such materials in the prefecture, the government is investigating whether it needs to regulate them in accordance with the existing ordinance regarding the healthy development of youths. Osaka prefecture's existing ordinance restricts the sale of some materials to minors.

The announcement says that the government is "considering the regulation of women's (josei) comic magazines and boys-love materials." In addition to women's comic magazines and boys-love materials, the government is investigating the true extent of child pornography (particularly via online distribution) and "sexual, visual depictions of youths."

Osaka Governor Tōru Hashimoto had said last month that his government is considering a measure similar to Tokyo's proposed legislation to regulate sexualized depictions of characters that appear or sound to be younger than 18 years old. In accordance to its existing ordinance regarding the healthy development of youths, Osaka has been maintaining a list of "harmful publications" that cannot be sold to buyers under 18 years old. Some women's magazines and a few shōjo magazines have been identified in the past.

Not the result CNN was hoping for. :lol:
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