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Nodame Cantabile author has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by Last Exile » Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:19 pm

Manga artist Tomoko Ninomiya reported on her personal blog on Tuesday that she has carpal tunnel syndrome, and thus has continued to put her Nodame Cantabile series on hold. She said that her hand would get numb when she tried to write words a month after she gave birth to a boy on October 24. The symptoms gradually spread to both arms to the point that there was swelling and eventually pain, especially in the morning when she woke up. She went to a doctor who confirmed the diagnosis.

Ninomiya took time off from her manga drawing in October, the last month of her pregnancy, to have her baby. After her baby was born on October 24, she reported in a November 3 blog entry that she could not raise her right arm because an unknown pain in her shoulder and arm. The new Nodame Cantabile: Paris anime sequel premiered in Japan in October, and two live-action films were announced last month for 2010. Del Rey will publish the 16th of the 21 current volumes of the manga in North America next month.

*sigh* As if pregnancy, childbirth and the aftermath wasn't bad enough, she has this to cope with. Somebody send this woman some good karma, please!
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