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Comments: Asylum Session and The Flying Ghost Ship

by Mappy » Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:01 pm

Asylum Session


Normally I would go easy on a cg production if it was, primarily, the product of just one person. This is just such a production.

However, cg is a two-edged sword in anime. If a production can look visually reasonable, like Freedom or Oblivion Island, then you can overlook the rather mechanistic movements and uncanny valley appearance of the characters.

However, when the look of the cg is of the cheap and nasty terribad kind, then it becomes almost impossible to look past that and concentrate on the other aspects, like plot and characters etc.

Asylum Session is one of the best examples of one of those latter productions in recent times. I'm sure there is a good story going on, but the visuals produce malignant eye tumors. And for me, that is the deal breaker.

The Flying Ghost Ship


This film is so horrifically bad that it is absolutely priceless. I mean, I know it is from the 1960's, and standards in anime were a great deal lower, then.... But the plot, what one can make of it, is like several incompatible scripts, telling completely different stories, edited and randomly stitched together to form a kind, a semblance, of a whole. As such, it makes the whole thing wonderfully unpredictable, as I laughed my ass off every time things went off in bizarre thematic right angles. At the same time, the characters are so wonderfully shallow in their 60's-ness (and not at all unpredictable) that I found myself liking this despite my better reasoning.

This is a Z-Grade anime. It is a good thing it is so short. Any longer would've just eroded away my amused disbelief.
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