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broken blade book 1: Hour of Awakening

by GarryGod » Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:29 pm

here's the movie series/OVA 50min long about a sort of canyon-esk landscape governed by three kingdoms that are by the chance at war etc. etc. the people who are gifted with sort of abilitie to control a special energi known as quartz and they use the system to build giant mechanized mobile suits for war known as golems... main character Rygart is the series' main protagonist at the age of 25. He was born an un-sorcerer, meaning that he can't use magic, unlike the majority of the worlds populace. journeys to the capital to be reunited with old time school friends now royalty queen sygnam and king of Krisna hodr ask him to help research a ancient golem or under golem as they put it. which dos'nt respond to quartz of high level pilots or anyone as this is going on they are ambushed by a team of golem pilots from neihbouring kingdom and there leader just so happends to be zess(or zetsuboa sensei for saiyuu relevence) also a friend from past were friends in military school and so the plot folds out from that etc. etc. the fact the under golem is so badly outdated but its inner chassis strengthen make it some what bizarre or "broken" hence the name and the fact theres a broken blade on its back...
now this was nicely executed movie by ZEBEC and Production I.G i enjoy the characters the plot and the obvious amount of war it shows looks awesome at 1080p low level of CGI which is ok means more animated blu ray goodness :D
Imagethanks GAINAX your writers never stop surprising me...
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