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CEO: Bang Zoom to Cease Anime Dubbing in 2011 Withoutsupport

by GarryGod » Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:06 pm

Eric P. Sherman, President and CEO of the anime dubbing company Bang Zoom! Entertainment, has posted an editorial on the AnimeTV blog on Saturday, urging fans to buy anime instead of watching it via fan-subbed videos. In the "Anime - R.I.P." editorial, Sherman wrote that if fans do not support anime by buying it legally, "I can guarantee you that this time next year, Bang Zoom won't be bringing you anymore English language versions of it."

Sherman added in his editorial, "If people don't resist the urge to get their fix illegally, the entire industry is about to fizzle out." Sherman cited the demises of Geneon Entertainment USA, Central Park Media, and ADV Films, as well as the January 2009 layoffs at Bandai Entertainment, as past examples. In a boldfaced statement in the editorial, Sherman wrote that "anime is going to die."

Sherman also wrote about the rise of streaming content online, but added that "so far, there are no successful ways to monetize online entertainment. Not so that creators can afford to produce and distribute quality content."

so what are we gonna say? i buy legit but if i do i need to watch the series first? is his arguement that people who can't afford legit should stop downloading fansubs? i understand his point but its not dead i am sure there are more people out there that buy legit cause they do support the series and people who market good shows just do your job and make us want to buy it!!! if the japanese can do it in there country why can't americans?
Imagethanks GAINAX your writers never stop surprising me...
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Re: CEO: Bang Zoom to Cease Anime Dubbing in 2011 Withoutsupport

by Last Exile » Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:02 pm

Just another blind clown. We've seen this before. They refuse to believe the majority of people who watch subs will buy shows they like (4/5 of fansub watchers will buy shows they like). Then there's the price. Clearly BZ Boy here doesn't understand his demographic or lived it - anime fans aren't rich and going to buy every effing series they like. Even in the West, anime DVDs are much pricier than western tv show box sets, etc. And in Japan, it's daylight robbery with 70 bucks getting one just 2 episodes. Throw in manga and merchandise - it racks up pretty quickly!

Here's a tip for that naga - improve the product, less moe and more variety, stop catering to Japan only (and don't pretend they don't as it's been proven some game makers and animation studios do have anti-western attitudes) and for the love of God...UTILISE THE INTERNET! Considering the majority of licensing costs and the costs of a DVD comes from production of the casings and paying the voice actors - paying for online dowloads is a feasible system. The music iondustry got it. Book publishers are beginning to get it. Anime head honcos had better get the message or suffer the consequences. They already stuffed up by removing downloadable content for small fees from Crunchyroll.

Frankly, I think the companies are somewhat worried that such a system will prevent them from lining their pockets to the degree they want to. Ever since Nickelback took the online experiment risk with the In Raninbows album and ended up making more money with their sales than they would have under EMI, companies in music, books and other media are panicking. The greater piece of the sales pie goes to them under the current system. Technology in this context needs to be embraced, not resisted. Just the way that teens girls shouldn't have the main say in what's on the radio and TV music channels, a few middle-aged people in suits shouldn't decide what we get to watch and when. If they expect us to wait 2-3 years and try before we buy...THEY. ARE. DREAMING! An online system with at least 720p and reasonable prices is surely the way.

The #1 rule of customer service is that 'The customer is always right'. And they're saying the customers are wrong/the problem. Desecrating the fanbase - that is not good business.

And frankly, losing dubs would be just fine, thank you. Only America wants them anyway. This guy's fearmongering rivals Howard's. What a joke.
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