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Playlist - 6th September 2011 - 90'S NIGHT PART 1

by Dhumahn » Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:05 pm

AJAS RETRO EVENT NIGHT #6 - 90s Night PART 1 - 1990-1994

Playlist will contain no natural colours, preservatives, or Shinji Ikari...or bad Saban dubs...oh I could go on all night...

LIKELY LINEUP IS THE FOLLOWING (Time constraints and changes in mood notwithstanding):



Aired: 13th April 1990 to 12th April 1991

Length: 39 Episodes

The Industrial Revolution has taken over and the world is being consumed by new technology and machines. A young inventor, Jean, sees a beautiful young girl while in Paris for the 1889 World Expo. He follows her to only find trouble; a woman and two thugs are after an amulet in the girl's possession, called the Blue Water. Jean helps the girl escape and learns that her name is Nadia. From then on, the two join forces to evade the minions of a man named Gargoyle, who wants Nadia's Blue Water to bring forth an armageddon.



Aired: 1st April 1994 to 31st March 1995

Length: 49 Episodes

In the year Future Century 60, most humans have left the polluted Earth behind and moved into space. To prevent war, the colonies have agreed on a Gundam Fight to decide control of the colonies for four years at a time.

This year, Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu, the King of Hearts, hopes to win with his Shining Gundam, but he hasn't come to Earth simply to win the Gundam Fight. His concurrent mission is to track down and destroy the Devil Gundam which has escaped from Neo Japan and threatens to destroy the entire planet.



Released: 25th August 1992 to 25th June 1993

Length: 6 Episodes

A group of five mages set out to rebuild their world after a rampaging God destroys it and tips it into chaos. Driven by their leader Dark Schneider, Gara, Arshes Nei, Abigail and Kall Su set out to conquer kingdoms in the hope of rebuilding them into utopias, with each of the magicians having their own personal agenda in doing so. However, Dark Schneider's often reckless manner and short temper leads him to wreak havoc where ever he goes. He is trapped by a group of clerics in a baby boy, leaving the four without a leader.

Fifteen years later, the four still continue their quest but their motives have changed to despotic world domination, and it is up to Dark Schneider to show them the "error of their ways", when he is freed by the clerics who once imprisoned him, so that he may defend them against his former comrades. It has now become Dark Schneider's responsibility to track down each one of his companions and set them on the right path again, but what seems to be the once reckless and amoral Dark Schneider has changed over his fifteen year imprisonment within the boy.



Aired: 25th January to 19th July 1993

Length: 26 Episodes

Seeking to find the most comfortable living possible, Justy Ueki Tylor stumbles upon what he thinks is a dream career: delivering pension checks for the United Planets Space Force (whose logo looks suspiciously like a giant tomato). Through his sheer luck (which at times borders the unbelievable), he goes from utter layabout to hero in charge of the good ship Soyokaze which, to put it bluntly, is the disgrace of the UPSF, and a dumping ground for the dregs of the universe. Even so, Tylor remains undaunted... after all, why should he care? He's only the captain, after all...



Released: 30th June 1990 to 23rd November 1991

Length: 13 Episodes

A long time ago, there was a tremendous war between the goddess of Creation and the goddess of Destruction, which made the earth tremble. Both goddesses perished in the war and created what people called a cursed land - Lodoss. Something evil is happening in the land of Lodoss. Parn, a reckless young warrior, along with his newfound friends, takes on a quest to find out the source of this evil and becomes involved in the greatest epic struggle between good and evil since the war of the goddesses.



Released: 26th March to 28th May 1993

Length: 2 Episodes

Mink is a cute little dragon half (half human/half dragon) who has the unfortunate luck to fall in love with a famous handsome idol singer, männlichen genitalien Saucer. Unfortunate, because he is also a famous dragon hunter who would like nothing better to put Mink's head on a wall. Her main goal is to find a potion that will make her completely human and will do just about anything that will give her a chance at it.



Released: 23rd July 1992 to 25th January 1998

Length: 7 Episodes

The brave new world of the future! Earth has gone through its third energy revolution, and now all power is based on a new invention called 'the Shizuma Drive,' a complete recyclable and pollution free energy system created ten years ago by a group of five scientists. These drives power everything. There is no more danger of nuclear radiation, or waste of rare petroleum resources.
Even though it sounds like an ideal society, there are still problems. There are two major powers who are locked in a fierce struggle. The first is the Big Fire Organization, which is a very powerful evil organization, and threatens to conquer the world, with the help of their numerous robots.

The only people capable of putting a stop to their plan is the International Police Organization. They consist of a team of agents, all having their own special powers. They also have the most powerful robot in the world, Giant Robo. Giant Robo is controlled by Kusama Daisaku.
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Re: Playlist - 6th September 2011 - 90'S NIGHT PART 1

by Sufferes » Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:01 pm

G Gundam, Tylor, Giant Robo... Should be good! :D
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