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Argh - bad motherboard

by asurin » Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:34 am

Well I think it is safe to say that's the last DFI board I'll ever buy. /khaaaan

1. Unstable - Bluescreens. It's favorite is "Driver_Power_State_Failure". :|
2. CMOS Checksum failure every 5th time I turn it on (Not the battery, since I tried that). Which also resets the bios settings. :?
3. Sometimes freezes when booting into any OS. Usually After problem 3 and just before 4. :roll:
4. Random drives stop showing up regardless of controller. (Fixed for awhile by using a 5 sec delay, but now that doesn't work either). :x
5. I have a lan in 1 week. :cry:
6. God knows when it will be back, my guess is a month or so. :(

</mürrisch mode>

Apparently DFI have decided that bios fixes and other support, eg monitoring their forums, isn't for them. Support was good 6 months ago though.
I recommend avoiding DFI products entirely. Best to stick to Gigabyte or Asus motherboards if you are building a PC.
....and don't get one from interstate.
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