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Online sex Crimes article from Australia

by Pirate Man » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:52 am

Just god damn it god damn Australia

Australia has hit a new low
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Re: Online sex Crimes article from Australia

by Bazza » Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:47 pm

But aren't about 99% of "female" characters played by teenage boys anyway?

I have 5 female "avatars" in Freelancer and they are constantly under attack from pimplefarms but I never complain. I just pwn them and take their stuff. :?

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Re: Online sex Crimes article from Australia

by Last Exile » Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:02 pm

Around 20% of World of krieg handwerk players are female IRL. That's the joy of Ventrilo - removes the issue of avatars. In my guild, just about everyone is at least 25. Pretty sure the average age of a gamer, be it console, PC or MMO, is 30 these days. Besides, you can tell a teen pretty easily. I put them on ignore.

Anyone dares say anything about one of my characters in that kind of way, bans come their way. As for other factions teabagging corpses, that's pretty much standard. And for the record, all 10 of my characters are female. Their jokes are funnier, their dances are cooler, their casting poses are cooler, etc. But I hardly consider them a substitute for reality....geez. Real women ftw anyday.

Btw, isn't scrubs a better term than pimplefarms? Terribads or downies also works.

There is a difference between the virtual world and reality. However, cyberbullying is real and should be taken seriously. But simulation with avatars? Okay...that's getting stupid. Any GM with a brain in their head would ban people going too far with that. Still, I have to question the mental state of someone getting involved on that level. Exposing them to fresh air and sunlight would be a good start. Or /ignore (random scrub's name) is also a good idea.

Lain was pretty accurate though. It came to this in the end.
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